Be ware: cheap Argan oil is diluted! 12 oktober 2012 – Posted in: Argan Oil

argan-olie-flesjes Arganoil is very valuable and therefore relatively expensive. The oil is very rare because the Argan tree only grows in the southwest of Morocco. An Argan tree grows 30 kilos of fruit a year, only  1 liter of oil can be recovered here from. This process takes about 1,5 day and all the work is done by hand. The scarcity and hand pressing process of the oil is reflected in the price.

100% pure Argan oil

It’s a shame, but often Argan oil is mixed and diluted with other oils. A cheap Argan oil can never be an original pure product from Morocco, that’s been produced in the authentic compound. Karama offers pure, 100% real Argan oil and is therefore certificated with the EcoCert label.