Care for your hair 8 augustus 2016 – Posted in: Advice & Tips natural cosmetics

Karama’s products offer several options to get healthy, smooth and shiny hair.

The effect of the hair oil and masks is unknown because of the extreme high content of vitamin E. The products are suitable for all hair types: both the dry and frizzy hair as the dull and oily hair benefit from the nurturing effect of Karama. The mild oil makes hair shiny, but not oily and smells delicious. When used regularly, irritation and redness of the skin decreases. Try the wonderful new products and discover what Karama can do for you.

New in our product range are the shampoos for dry to normal hair and for oily hair. We also have a conditioner with Argan oil that’s great for all hair types. So try them all and get smooth, shiny and voluminous locks!