The solution for problematic skin 8 augustus 2016 – Posted in: Advice & Tips natural cosmetics

The number of people with skin diseases increases considerably. Not only genetic factors but also eating patterns and environmental factors are of influence. The 100% natural oils of Karama can affect several skin diseases and problems in a positive way.

Acne should be treated as soon as possible. The immune system needs extra protection, especially in puberty. Argan oil is just the product you need. It contains powerful antioxidants that purify the body.

Recommended product: Argan and Orange blossom mask

Treat yourself with this lovely and nourishing mask packed with vitamin E. The Argan oil and Orange blossom in this lovely fragrant substance sooths the skin and reduces acne, breakouts and psoriasis visibly.

Argan oil and eczema

Arganoil is a 100% natural product so even the very sensitive and dry skin tolerates this oil. It helps reducing a dry and scaly skin. Also lichennification (skin thickening), scrab wounds and pigmentation of the skin can be calmed by the use of Argan oil.

Neurodermatitis is a chronicle skin disease, which makes the skin constantly inflamed. The cause of this disease/ allergy is often determined genetically. Argan oil frees many patients of the unbearable itch and stimulates the healing of the inflamed skin. Also for people that suffer from psoriasis we recommend to massage the skin regularly with Argan oil.