Treasure your body 8 augustus 2016 – Posted in: Advice & Tips natural cosmetics

Your skin reflects the condition of body and soul. If the organism is exposed with toxic substances, like poor nutrition, the skin reacts and tries to secrete these toxins. You can see this in the condition of the skin, something you want to tackle right away.

Our products offer the solution because of their purifying effect. The oil produces a protecting skin film that’s enriched with essential immune substances. The antioxidants recapture the dull, dry and irritated skin and help the skin renewal system.

Nurturing the skin isn’t just good for the skin itself. The body and mind respond well to the calming and relaxing products. So dim the lights, put on some calming music and indulge yourself with Karama’s pure and caring oils.

Be kind to your hands

Our hands come into contact with numerous substances and bacteria. At the end of day they can use a boost! Award your hands with just a little oil. All the skin needs to stay flexible, smooth and healthy. Don’t forget to massage the oil carefully into the cuticles, so your nails strengthen.